About us

Dosma Consultants is a one stop training and development consultancy company with expertise and experience in the accreditation, training and development fields. We are a black owned and female led consultancy company dedicated at providing skills development and training solution requirements to corporate clients, as well as the government sector.

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals of facilitators, assessors and moderators who have vast knowledge and experience in the skills development and training environment. We further have facilitators and moderators who are experts in their fields contracted to us on call to boost our capacity for any assignment.

What drives us
We are driven by the quote “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work”.

As Dosma Consultants we are fully conversant with the requirements of the accreditation process and those specific to the various SETAs and are able to assist with this process. Time lost in the planning stages of a training facility’s development means loss of production time. Our experience and expertise enables our clients to start their accredited training in the shortest time possible. Dosma Consultants also work with a number of SETA’s and thus have first-hand experience with the accreditation requirements We have assisted clients across a broad spectrum of disciplines with accreditation, design and development of learning material and training.

Our accreditation services can include:
» Identifying the client’s needs and requirements of the accreditation process.
» A comprehensive training Quality Management System (QMS)
» Application, submission and follow-up for the SETA Accreditation.
» Design and Development of Learning Material

Dosma Consultants have been instrumental in designing and developing learning material as individual unit standards or full qualifications in a variety of fields, both technical and soft skills.

Our experience enables us to:
Identify the needs around the design and development of learning material.
Design and development of learning material aligned to SAQA Qualifications/Unit Standards.